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ITAP Overview

Welcome to ITAP International

ITAP International is a full-service consulting firm specializing in building human capability across functional, global and cultural boundaries. ITAP's approach is to deliver highly developed expertise in the cross-cultural aspects of international business as a fully integrated and natural part of global business solutions. We are specialists in doing business internationally - across borders and cultures - through a comprehensive set of international human resources development and organizational development services. Download our brochure here

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For the Organization

Competency Development

Using ITAP's software, design new or import existing competencies and manage performance.

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Global Leadership Development

Leading across cultures is complex. Leverage ITAP to improve leadership globally.

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For the Workforce

Cross-Cultural Training

ITAP's cross-cultural training is based on the work of Geeert Hofstede and proprietary tools.

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Global Team Development

ITAP has proven tools and approaches for helping your global teams compete.

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Functional Excellence


Transformational change (such as Mergers and Acquisitions) brings uncertainty. During change ITAP can analyze whether employees' values are aligned in the direction of organizational change.

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Global Call Centers

Everyone knows culture affects customer experience. ITAP knows what to do about it.

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...the exclusive home of Geert Hofstede's CWQ

ITAP is one of only 3 consulting and training companies endorsed by Dr. Hofstede and approved to represent his research.  Hofstede explains, "This [approval] is due to their professionalism and deep understanding of my work."

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