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The ITAP International Alliance network was established to provide support to clients internationally by offering:
  1. Global reach and delivery, and integrated, value-added expertise across the principal HRD / OD and cross-cultural management development agendas
  2. Access to an integrated international network of co-operative companies across the major economic centers of the world (a globally distributed delivery system)
To achieve consistency of outcomes, global companies often choose service providers with globally distributed delivery systems. The advantages, in addition to consistency across geographies, include economies of scale in vendor selection and pricing. ITAP's Global Client Relationship Leader coordinates global services for the client, creating personalized service, regardless of the geography or type of service offering. This means one vendor invoice for all services, which saves clients both time and money.
ITAP International Alliance Background

The ITAP International Alliance network was established by ITAP International principally through its subsidiary companies, ITAP Americas based in Newtown, PA, USA and Kimball Consulting Ltd based in London, UK. The initial phase of ITAP International Alliance network growth established wide coverage in Western Europe, extending to the Middle East and South Africa, with strategic coverage in Asia including India, China, and South Korea (where ITAP Asia-Pacific is centered) and within the continental USA.

ITAP International, Inc. is the coordinating and corporate center for the ITAP International Alliance network, providing a strategic and operational catalyst for the development, extension and integration of the products, services, marketing, sales, delivery and R&D activities of all Alliance member companies. The effectiveness of the ITAP International Alliance network as a medium for the achievement of the strategic objectives of the member companies, and of ITAP International Inc., is dependent on the free co-operation, professionalism and contribution of all Alliance member companies.

The ITAP International Alliance was developed to:

  1. Provide member companies with opportunities to broaden their local services into a genuinely international, global offering for their clients and for the development and internationalization of their staff
  2. Provide a platform for member companies to access and market the intellectual property (IP) and consultancy services of ITAP International and of the other Alliance member companies in support of their local consultancy practices and their local clients
  3. Develop economies of scale for all Alliance member companies in support of R&D related to tools, product and service offerings, in organization and administration, and with regard to avenues of professional development
  4. Facilitate members working with like-minded professionals seeking to improve cultural understanding in business and society throughout the world.

Alliance member companies vary from market to market in terms of their size, history, professional offerings and client base. All Alliance companies, however, are privately owned and operated, are well-known and respected in their localities, and meet the broad criteria that ITAP International Alliance membership requires - in terms of quality, commitment to client service, ambition for growth and international orientation.

Affiliate companies: Affiliate companies are those companies and individuals who seek to access ITAP International Alliance network benefits and who make a commitment to the obligations of Alliance membership. Through legal agreement, Affiliates are closely aligned with ITAP International and often are the lead partner for a given geography / country. Affiliate responsibilities include co-branding with ITAP and proactively marketing and developing client relationships. Affiliate consultants may be trained to deliver the Intellectual Property (IP) of ITAP International, and will bring clients to the network.

Associate companies: Associate companies are those that support ITAP on a marketing and program delivery agreement with ITAP International. ITAP will refer business to Associates and partner with Associates to serve ITAP clients. Associates will be represented as ITAP Associates to these clients.

For information about the locations of ITAP International Alliance Affiliates and Associates, click here.

For information about becoming an ITAP International Alliance Affiliate or Associate, please contact the appropriate ITAP Regional Headquarters office (click here for contact information).


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