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  • Do you need to identify and accelerate the development of your current and future global leaders?
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  • Would your business be more successful if individuals, teams and divisions of your organization could work more effectively with colleagues from other cultures?
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  • Would your global organization benefit from a proactive approach to change management and transformation?
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  • Does your organization need to adapt or develop strategies to better motivate, engage and retain valuable global talent?
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ITAP International specializes in global, cross-border consulting. We focus on helping individuals, teams and organizations work across internal and national borders, achieving success through people. We are experts working in multiple countries with extensive line and staff experience in multiple sectors. Our work is based on the best research and the best global practices. Our services focus on:

  1. Talent retention and development
  2. Effectiveness of the senior team and mission critical global teams
  3. Global workforce development
  4. Transformation and change

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ITAP is a licensee of the CWQ™

The Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ is based on the seminal cultural research of Dr. Geert Hofstede. ITAP licenses the CWQ™ from ODE Consulting® Pte. Ltd. ODE Consulting and its licensees are among the very few companies worldwide endorsed by Dr. Hofstede and approved to represent his research. According to Dr. Hofstede, "This [approval] is due to their professionalism and deep understanding of my work.”

Culture, what Dr. Hofstede refers to as "software of the mind/mental programming," is a critical variable that guides peoples' actions and reactions. Understanding one's own culture and the impact of culture on the actions of others is essential for effective global business interactions. The Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ provides respondents with insights about themselves and a better understanding of how their cultural preferences, as well as the cultural preferences of others, impact working relationships.

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When all or most teams in an organizational unit are utilizing the TPQ System, the data can be collected and provided to senior management as a human process “dash” in a “digital dashboard.”  At the Senior Manager level, the data collected through the TPQ System can be aggregated in the form of metrics which track teams throughout the organization.  The metrics reveal consequences of policy or structural changes introduced across organizational units, thereby determining if the changes are effective or counter-productive.  TPQ data can impact the overall approach to:

  • Structure of Teams
  • Communications between Management & Teams
  • Communications between Teams
  • Interventions Required
  • Team Leader Coaching

This metric can be used as to provide:

  1. Baseline data—all teams in sector
    Establishes a baseline for all teams on the dimensions of the TPQ System
  2. Time-based charting of aggregate data—a selected set of teams
    Team leaders, consultants, or senior management, may have a need to know specific areas in which certain teams are similar or dissimilar, in terms of team process.  The TPQ System provides a way to view these team characteristics.  For team leaders, it represents an opportunity to assist their teams reach a higher level of productivity.  For consultants, it represents an opportunity to compare two or more teams to determine where interventions are suggested.  For senior management, a comparison helps them to understand why two or more teams may be producing quite different results.
  3. Correlation with performance data
    When used as a set of metrics within a larger set of divisional or other unit metrics, correlations can be made between human process measures and output or productivity measures such as return on investment, deliveries, milestones attained, sales, etc.  These correlations are potentially significant:  If correlations are found between a leading indicator such as “alignment of team to strategic objectives” with milestones attained, it provides a critical intervention point for efforts focused on improving team productivity.

The Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™, was developed under license from Dr. Geert Hofstede, a pioneer in cross-cultural research, who created this questionnaire to illustrate culturally dependent work preferences. Click here to discover your personal cultural preference for Certainty. The CWQ has been used in coaching, employee/manager and leadership development, for teams and in training.  To find out more about virtual coaching using the CWQ, click here.

The Team Process Questionnaires. At the individual team level, the TPQ System measures teams against their own performance over time as well as against industry averages.  It helps identify opportunities to be more effective as team members and team leaders.

The Global Team Process Questionnaire™ has been utilized for over 10 years with clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer products and IT industries. The TPQ System provides both critical information for the team leader about his or her team’s performance and can be used as a part of a team leader coaching or mentoring process.  Against a baseline, companies can measure change, identify areas for improvement, compare their results to industry averages, and measure the successes needed to figure out the actual return on investment. Click here  to try the interactive demonstration sample GTPQ.

Organizational Team Process Questionnaire™ (OTPQ) - a member of ITAP's TPQ family of products appropriate for local/domestic teams. Against a baseline, companies can measure change, identify areas for improvement, compare their results to industry averages, and measure the successes needed to figure out the actual return on investment.

Action Learning Team Process Questionnaire™ (ALTPQ) - a member of the ITAP's TPQ family of tools and developed in concert with Strategic Learning Scenarios, Inc. It is designed to get inside the group dynamics of action learning sets/teams. The ALTPQ allows the facilitator/leader of the action learning program to assess both the extent to which the team is operating effectively and the perceived value of the learning taking place.

The Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ illustrates culturally dependent work preferences/behaviors which often create tensions on teams.  Group bar charts and comparison data helps teams identify their differences and move to cultural metacognition. Click here  to discover your personal cultural preference for Certainty.

The CWQ has been used in coaching, employee/manager and leadership development, for teams and in training. To find out more about virtual coaching using the CWQ, click here.

Since the mid-1980's ITAP has been serving clients worldwide by creating cross-culturally appropriate solutions.   We specialize in global, cross-border consulting; we offer personalized and customized solutions.  We are experts working in multiple countries and with clients in a wide variety of industries.  For specific examples of some of our work, please see the Slide Share presentation, below.

ITAP's e-StrategyMapper™ application creates a strategy map for business and helps organizations manage the strategy implementation through a Balanced Score Card (BSC) and strategic action plans. Through its innovative approach, e-StrategyMapper™ significantly reduces the time required for strategy planning.

It is designed to get input from a variety of internal sources to help the organization answer the questions:

  • Why does the organization exist?
  • Where is the organization going?
  • What needs to be done to achieve the organization's goals?

The resulting Strategy Map enables members of the organization to to understand and share the common strategy of the company, leading to a consistent collaboration and synergy and thereby improving productivity. It is also very helpful in prioritizing investments and change initiatives as well as putting figures to targets and preparing appropriate action plans. Taking the BSC approach, it allows an optimal management of resources by clarifying the ways in which the company's hidden, intangible assets are transformed into tangible competitive stengths.



Click here to view the e-StrategyMapper™ product information slideshow.

Click here to view the presentation Strategy Mapping in 2 days, with e-StrategyMapper®.

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