The ITAP International Executive Team

The ITAP Alliance Executive Team are all experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, language capabilities, cultural specialties and areas of consulting expertise.

Dr. John W. Bing (Chairman of the Board, ITAP International), founder of ITAP International and a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan, has focused his professional career on cross-cultural work. His background includes work for government organizations, non-government organizations, and academic institutions prior to founding ITAP. Dr. Bing has successfully transitioned the company from a cross-cultural training firm to one specializing in intercultural consulting. His special focus is Research & Development and Licensing.

Catherine Mercer Bing (CEO, ITAP International; Managing Director, ITAP Americas) has both internal corporate human resources and external consulting experience in organizational development, learning and development, and as an OD consultant. Her specialties include work in: team building, mission/vision formulation, succession planning, process formulation and implementation, executive/management development and training management.

Dr. Ha-Young Woo (OD Corea/ITAP Asia-Pacific) has a Ph. D. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis USA: Extensive HRD course work (more than 100 credits), Research Assistant.  He also has an M. ED from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea; Department of Education Science.  He has 15 years work experience in the fields of business organization as an HRD and HRM professional.  He is oriented towards research and practical problem solving.  He has specific expertise in:
-    Strategic HRM and HRD
-    Organization Development: Creation, dissemination, & integration of Culture, Learning Organization
-    Training & Development: Needs assessment, Program & Instruction Design, Implementation, Evaluation of HRD
-    Career development: Assessment, Development plan, Coaching and Mentoring, Succession Planning
-    Recruitment and selection, HRD management, Leadership development, Group process/facilitation: Team building, Management of conflict

Dr. Claudia Harss, PhD (TWIST Consulting/ITAP Europe) is a specialist in Project Management in the area of Organizational Development and international cooperation / Cross‐cultural Sensitization; Workshop Facilitation and Team Development (national and international Management Level); and Cross‐cultural Sensitization Programs (Special focus: Eastern Europe). She studied Psychology and Education Science in Munich and Regensburg and has completed further scientific education at the Max‐Planck‐Institute for applied psychological research.  She is a scientific officer, University of the German Federal Armed Forces, Munich and a facilitator and Trainer at the Institute for work psychology and occupational medicine. She has designed and facilitated Assessment Centres in order to assess the potential of international operating managers in different locations of global corporations.  She speaks English and German.