ITAP Capabilities

 Would your business be more successful if individuals, teams and divisions of your organization could work more effectively with colleagues from other cultures?

 Do you need to identify and accelerate the development of your current and future global leaders?

 Does your organization need to adapt or develop strategies to better motivate, engage and retain valuable global talent?

 Would your global organization benefit from a proactive approach to change management and transformation? 

ITAP International understands the impact that national cultures differences have on business interactions.  Our clients contact us because they need to:

ITAP engages as partners in actions that enhance your ability to work towards and achieve the organizational mission. ITAP helps build knowledge, capability and effectiveness through:

  1. Management of change focusing on organizational systems and structures as well as the needs of employees
  2. Assessment and adaption of cultural localization to assure sound leadership, management and/or operations throughout an organization
  3. Enhancement of coordination across functions, divisions, countries or other borders
  4. Identification, selection, development and retention of leaders and critical talent, and assuring they are ready for succession.
  5. Development of teams/team leaders and individual contributors
  6. Fostering effective communications