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This blog category contains essays and reflections on topics related to culture and working across borders.

What Are Some Cultural Drivers? Introduction to Individualism

Individualism (Individual orientation) pertains to societies in which ties between individuals are loose.  Everyone is expected to look after him- or herself and his or her immediate family.  Collectivism (Group orientation) pertains to a society where from birth onward people are integrated into strong, cohesive in-groups which throughout people’s lifetimes continue to protect them in exchange for unquestioned loyalty.  People with an Individual orientation take action and make decisions for the benefit of the individual.  People with a Group orientation take action and make decisions for the benefit of the group.

Which of the following describes you best?

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What 5 Strategies Team Leaders Need to Know (to be effective when working across cultures)

Recognize that cultural preferences are deeply embedded, not easily changed.  Think about it. You learned what was dirty or clean when you were a child and never even knew you were learning it.  If you had grown up on a farm you would have a very different perception of what is dirty than if you had grown up in a suburban neighborhood or exclusive section of a city.

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