Global Business Leader Certification Program

More and more businesses are “going global” and need leaders who understand global markets, global customers and their global employee base.  ITAP invites organization to prepare their existing leaders and “talent to watch” to attend this 18 month program to develop a truly global perspective on doing business internationally. While the program content may be modified to focus more on the needs of the actual attendees, the intent of the program is to provide an opportunity to experience a wide variety of functional responsibilities and to experience and negotiate through the impact that cultural differences have on how to lead/manage global businesses effectively.

Who should attend?

(24 attendees maximum)

What will be included?

Please see below for the basic framework of the certification program.  

  1. Face-to-face meetings for this program are planned to take place first in the Americas, second in Asia and lastly in a European location.
  2. Facilitators will include well-known thought leaders.
  3. Focus will be on building knowledge, skill and attitudes consonant with those competencies required to be an effective global leader.
  4. Attendees will be expected to complete team assignments that will provide experience working across cultures and building trust and respect across borders.
  5. Attendees will be expected to build a wiki to house their project assignments and to use as a sharing platform.

Proposed agenda

  1. Pre-work – this will help frame the content of the session to meet the attendees’ needs
    a.    Assessments (at least two of which are focused on cultural literacies and cultural orientations)
    b.    a 360° assessment
    c.    individual feedback sessions/development planning
  2. Month 1: Kick-off meeting (in-person session) – 1.5 days
    a.    Overview of program/learning coaches/outcomes/options/expectations
    b.    Team and cadre building
    c.    Global mindset
    d.    Logistics
    e.    Assignments and team planning
  3. Month 2 to 13:
    a.    Team Assessments
    b.    WEBINARS (8 to 12 webinars) 1 hour using GoToWebinar platform
           i.    Finance – includes team assessment on finance assignment
           ii.    Strategy/Strategic Thinking  – includes strategy mapping assignment
           iii.    Global Marketing and Advertising/Consumer Behavior – includes marketing assignment
           iv.    Operations/Supply Chain – includes sustainability and/or emerging market assignment
           v.    Technology of the Future – includes technology assignment
           vi.    People Development: Culture and its Impact on HR/OD practices – includes HR assignment
           vii.    Country/Culture Review
                  1.    Overview/Introduction to cultural differences/research
                  2.    Culture report results
                  3.    Country/culture presentations and Q&A (countries list will depend on the needs of attendees)
                        a.    India
                        b.    Germany
                        c.    Latin America
                        d.    China
                        e.    Singapore
                        f.    South Korea
                        g.    Other…
  4. Month 12: Meeting (in-person session) – 3 days
    a.    Review of assignments
    b.    Team assessment feedback
    c.    Preparation for presentations to senior leaders
    d.    Action planning for next 6 months
    e.    Development feedback
    f.    Planned community volunteer activity (1.5 days)
  5. Months 12 – 18: individual coaching and learning coach attends virtual team meetings
  6. Month 18:
    a.    Presentation on assigned topics (in-person) to Senior Consultants/management (recruited from firms that send participants)
    b.    Feedback sessions (one-on-one) with participants to create individual development plans