Global Business Leader Development

Do you need to identify and accelerate the development of your current and future global leaders? 

Culture shapes how we think about what is effective leadership, and the definitions of an "effective leader" vary from one culture to another. In fact, effective leadership behavior in one culture could (and will) be completely ineffective in others. In order to develop leaders who can effectively lead global operations, it is important to understand what makes leaders effective across cultures.

Therefore, a one-development-approach will not work when developing global leaders. While true leaders can envision what they want to achieve, know how to meet the challenges of the market and take steps to make that vision a reality, how they interact with people will define their success. Leaders with cultural sensitivity can be more effective than those without. Leadership is complex and leading across cultures is more complex.

ITAP can help your organization:

Global Business Leader Certification Program

ITAP offers a high-tech, high touch Global Business Leader Certification Program with team and individual assessments, action learning activities, webinars, seminars, classroom activities and coaching.  Our focus is to develop leaders who are truly cross culturally competent.

ITAP’s standard curriculum for its Global Business Leader Certification Program includes:

  1. Finance
  2. Strategy/Strategic Thinking
  3. Global Marketing and Advertising/Consumer Behavior
  4. Operations/Supply Chain
  5. Technology of the Future
  6. People Development
  7. Country/Culture Review

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