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Global Team Leader and Team Development

Why is the support of global teams so important?

As companies strive to improve their global reach, two factors may be critical to that goal: the role of regionally or globally distributed teams, and the role of human processes in improving performance on these teams. For global teams to be competitive, they must reach excellence in at least two specific areas:

  1. Technical Expertise: Research, finance, sales, marketing, project management, general management, and
  2. Human Process Expertise: Establishing clear goals, virtual communications, cross-cultural communications, problem solving, resolving differences.

Significant corporate HR efforts focus on hiring and compensating the best technically qualified people for these global teams or for global divisions. It is sometimes assumed that technical expertise is all that matters, although common sense tells us that if two equally technically qualified employees produce widely different quality or quantity of work, then other factors must play a role. When companies invest in improving the human process capabilities of teams, the result can become a competitive advantage.

Global teams, because they represent significant corporate investment, require proactive attention and continued support. Such support can provide early detection of and response to looming obstacles in order to prevent them from hindering the team's productivity and effectiveness. Global team leader development, combined with focused team training, doubly improves the team. Both are provided through ITAP's global team consulting process. ITAP also provides the GTPQ for internal consultants - ask about licensing.

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