ODE Consulting launches Learn1Thing Learning Portal

ITAP's Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire and personal, virtual coaching are now available through ODE's Learn1Thing portal launched in April 2016.

Learn1Thing is for people who are committed to try to learn one new thing (something quick) every day. Learn1thing.com provides real-time learning in a virtual environment. It is dedicated to giving a wholesome & engaging learning experience. The various learning tools provide an ideal opportunity for those who seek to future-proof themselves. ITAP's Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ and virtual coaching are available through the portal, as are many other tools and learning "bits." The application can be used by clients as an external learning portal or can be licensed for internal corporate use as a Learning Management System (LMS).

Learn1Thing was also designed to work in conjunction with ODE's Outcomes Measurement Portal™ (OMP). The Outcomes Measurement Portal (OMP)™ aims to provide an avenue to measure the outcomes of learning based on SMART Goals established upfront by the learner or coachee prior to a learning or coaching engagement.

Outcomes Measurement Portal

Benefits of the Outcomes Measurement Portal (OMP)™

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