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Global Team Process Questionnaire™ (GTPQ) Demonstration

Welcome to this demonstration sample of ITAP's Global Team Process Questionnaire™ (GTPQ). When you answer the two questions below, fill out the requested information and press the "Submit" button, you will be taken to a results page. On the results page you will have an opportunity to see both how your answers to each question compare with a group of hypothetical fellow team members, and how this hypothetical team has responded as a whole. The instructions below are typical of those that team members read before responding to the GTPQ.

The following questionnaire will assist your team to improve its process effectiveness, which in turn is related to overall team effectiveness. Your team leader will discuss these results with you, and in cases in which special challenges are identified, may suggest specific approaches to improve team process.

The questionnaire can be completed in a short period of time. In filling out the comments sections of the questionnaire, remember that this is a team process questionnaire, not an employee assessment instrument; names of individuals, therefore, will not be reported in the information returned to the team. What will be most useful are comments on aspects of team process. Refer to the work you have done with Your Team as you respond to the following questions. The "team" referenced in this questionnaire has the following members: Team Member 1, Team Member 2, Team Member 3, Team Member 4, Team Member 5, Team Member 6, Team Member 7, You.

As you respond to these questions, think of a team of which you are or have been a member, so your responses will have a grounding in a real experience. 

For each of the questions below,
please click on a number from 1 to 6 to indicate your answer.
Additional comments are optional, yet encouraged.

1. Are the objectives of your team clear?
Clear Somewhat clear Unclear

2. Are ways of resolving conflicts within the team:
Clear Somewhat clear Unclear

End of sample Global Team Process Questionnaire™

Please fill out the form below (fields marked with a * are required), then press the "Submit" button when you are finished in order to send your responses to ITAP International. You will be taken to a results page upon successful submission of the questionnaire. Thank you for your interest in ITAP International's Global Team Process Questionnaire™ (GTPQ).

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