Licensing the Use of ITAP’s Tools


ITAP International offers individuals, companies and organizations the opportunity to license its proprietary tools for internal or client use. Certification is included in the licensing and can be virtual or in person.

Licensing allows:

ITAP provides licensing for the following tools:

Licensing these tools is a cost-effective way for organizations to develop their internal talent. For example, the CWQ can be integrated into existing learning paths. The CWQ is used to address a variety of business problems at the individual, group and organizational levels -- see examples of how ITAP used the CWQ to benefit its clients. Geert Hofstede, one of the founders of the comparative-cultures field, has endorsed the CWQ for training and research.

A CWQ license includes:

A Team Process Questionnaire license includes all three instruments under the same license. it also includes:

To become certified in the specified instrument(s), an individual must complete the certification program and then, typically, deliver a program or a consulting intervention under the supervision of the master trainer or a senior consultant.

The certification process also includes, in addition to the certification sessions themselves, written work, reading, watching/listening to webinars, and demonstration of competence in analysis of assessment results.


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